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Prong Rock Linen Bandana - lilac

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Handmade linen bandana, available in 8 different colors, each color limited to 12 pieces. The pattern was also hand drawn in advance. Linen is a great natural fiber, with cooling effect in summer, very suitable as a bandana or scarf.

Please read this before buying! Please note that this is a handmade product from a natural fiber. This means that it will never be perfectly square and the dimensions may vary a little. Also, the fabric is not 100 smooth and has small knots here and there. This also affects the print, which is not 100% smooth in all places. Please also read the care instructions.

And why is it already 20% off? Disappointments are part of the daily business at a small 1-person company like Rvmble. And this time I made the mistake myself. The bandanas are 54 x 54 cm and the print should be 50 x 50 cm. At some point during the long and not so easy planning and production phase (best regards to Suse) my head made the print 20% smaller. And I handed it over to the printer without checking it again. Maybe no one would mind or notice it. Maybe the bandanas still look really good, but it's just not the way I wanted it. So I'm passing this 20% on to you guys.

Details of the bandana:
- Medium weight prewashed linen fabric.
- Hand cut and sewn in Radebeul, Germany
- Discharge screen printed in Alfter, Germany
- Length / Width: ~ 54 cm (~ 21,25")
- Fabric: 100% linen
- Made in Europe.

Care instructions:
- machine wash cold (30°) / gentle cycle
- tumble dry low
- after washing, pull wet into shape
- do not iron
- do not bleach
- do not dryclean

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