Ride Today Merino-Tencel™ Shirt - l/s - black

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Late 80s. NYC. Hardcore. And cycling.
Let's ride today!

- Long sleeve Merino-Tencel™ shirt with frontprint*.
- Printed on Funktion Schnitt, Core Merino-Tencel™ shirt.
- Color: black.
- Slim fit.
- Fabric: 50% merino wool / 50% Tencel™ (Lyocell).
- 160 g/m²

*Please note: the print is a little rougher, more uneven on the shirt compared to cotton shirts. This is simply due to the material of the textile.

For sizing information, please take a look at the last picture.

Funktion Schnitt, Core Merino-Tencel™ shirt:

- In hot weather the fiber cools down naturally and in cold weather it insulates the body and keeps it warm.
- Thermoregulation, acts antibacterial and odor repellent in a natural way
- A T-shirt which consists of half TENCEL and half merino is about 20% cooler than an equivalent shirt made of pure merino wool
- Produced in Lithuania

Care instructions:

- Delicates at 30°.
- Not suitable for dryers due to its high quality
- Please read: https://www.funktionschnitt.de/blogs/news/empfehlung-zur-pflege-und-waesche-naturbelassener-materialien


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